Ready For Some Homemade Cappuccino?

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Looking For A Cappuccino Maker?

Ready For Some Homemade Cappuccino?

If you're ready to invest in a cappuccino machine for your home, you will find that there are many pieces of coffee equipment out there designed to make the hot, frothy beverage. New high-tech machines will make your favorite brew without you having to think too much about what you are doing. But before you get to that point, it's time to thing about your cappuccino, and possibly espresso, preferences.

  • Do you want the machine to make one cup or two? How much of a kick do you want? New models will allow you to make a little 1-ounce cup or a whopping 16-ounce cup of java.
  • Check out the size of the water container. This will indicate how many cups of coffee you can make before refilling.
  • Want some control over aroma and strength? Some models give you barista power with push button controls.
  • Like it hot? Look for a model with more than one temperature setting.
Lastly, what models do you like for their looks? Let's be honest – this is one piece of coffee equipment that has some wow factor. How much wow do you want?



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