Yearning For An Urn?

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Yearning For An Urn?

Yearning For An Urn?

If what you need in coffee equipment is a serving vessel that will brew and store enough coffee for a small army of people, and keep it at an acceptable temperature until the last steaming cup is served, you need a coffee urn.

Today's coffee urns can be elegant or industrial and serve from 10 cups to more than 100. They are perfect for parties and events, and the spout makes them ideal for a setting where people will be serving themselves.

If you are in the market for a coffee urn, a dripless spout is probably something to consider. Also consider getting one with a cover that locks. With coffee urns, speed in brewing the coffee is likely a concern, so pay attention to how quickly the urns you are considering brew coffee. Some urns have one temperature for brewing and another for the coffee after it is brewed. Some have an adjustable thermostat.

There are many options. As with any coffee equipment, think about what you want it to do and then read up on the models that seem to meet your needs.



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