Turn The Office Coffee Machine Into A Single Cup Coffee Shop

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Turn The Office Coffee Machine Into A Single Cup Coffee Shop

If you work second shift, you never know how long coffee has been sitting there when you go to get a cup from the office coffee machine. Instead of a tasty flavor boost, you might get a mouthful of old coffee. If the pot wasn't cleaned well, your cup might have some burnt flavor.

When everyone drinks from communal office coffee machine, the choice of flavor is often limited to regular and decaf and it is not unusual to find an empty or near empty pot when you are looking for a refill. Consider investing in single cup coffee machines the distribute the coffee directly into the employee's mug, so there is no day-old coffee or burnt coffee pots to contend with.

The taste of coffee from office coffee machines has become more consistent, but that doesn't remove the desire for employees to run out to a coffee shop during a coffee break to order a steaming hot cup in whatever flavor coffee they want.



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