Corporate Social Responsibility Includes the Office Coffee System

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How Can Coffee Make My Company More Socially Responsible?

Corporate Social Responsibility Includes the Office Coffee System

Has your office been working toward being more socially responsible and environmentally friendly through business practices and choice of office supplies? The sense of socially responsibility can easily extend into your coffee order and choice of office coffee maker.

With a single-serving coffee maker, you no longer use paper filters so you can reduce your paper waste a little more. There is no pot of coffee, so you will not be throwing away water used to brew coffee no one drank.

And the single-cup brewing containers come in many roasts and flavors, including a couple of lines of Fair Trade and organic coffees. Fair Trade coffees help foster sustainable development in coffee growing communities, while organic coffees are made in tune with the environment.

Those lines include many of the flavors popular in an office setting, so your employees with only notice a difference when they read the package. By moving to a one-cup coffee maker, your socially responsible business can become even more socially responsible, one cup at a time.



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