Give Up The Coffee Compromise: Keep it Clean

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Do You Compromise On Coffee Preference To Share The Pot?

Give Up The Coffee Compromise: Keep it Clean

Do you start every morning with a breakfast blend when you'd prefer a cup of caramel vanilla because you and the other members of your household compromised on one flavor you could all agree on? Compromised pots of coffee are a part of the past for many families and in many offices since one-cup coffee makers started to become popular. All servings are individual and there are no pots, so every coffee drinker can have the cup of coffee he or she wants. They are ideal for the person who only wants one cup of coffee or the person who wants a couple of cups of different blends and flavors.

They also work well in households in which people operate on different schedules. One person likes coffee at 5 a.m. and another waits until 7:30 a.m.? The late coffee drinker is not stuck with drinking coffee that has been sitting there for two and a half hours or making a whole new pot. Each cup is made when you want it!



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