One Cup Coffee Maker for a 24-hour Lifestyle

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How Can Coffee Be Fresh All Day?

One Cup Coffee Maker for a 24-hour Lifestyle

Who knows what they are getting when they order a cup of coffee at 2 a.m. from a store with a traditional coffee maker? It could have been sitting there for hours.

A business that is open 24 hours per day can ensure its customer that the coffee they are getting at 2 a.m. is as good as the coffee they would at 7 a.m. by investing in a single-cup machine. With single-cup servings, there is no pot, therefore no extra work for employees and no grounds to throw away if the pot doesn't sell.

One-cup coffee makers are made to be less hassle for the owner and more convenient for the customer. A 24-hour store can leave the equipment on, so it will be available for customers to get a fresh cup of coffee, no matter when they come into the shop.

Some machines can be connected directly to the plumbing so that there is no need to keep refilling the water reservoir and the water temperature remains constant, so coffee is served at the right temperature at any time of day.



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