What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

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What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

Fair Trade Coffee is a certification that coffee farmers are paid a fair price and that farms enjoy freedom of association, safe working conditions and living wages. Farmers and farm workers invest Fair Trade premiums in social and business development projects. Fair Trade Coffee makes it more possible for farmers to lift themselves out of poverty by deciding how to invest revenues and compete in a global marketplace.

So, how will you know if a coffee is a Fair Trade Coffee? Look for the label.

TransFair USA, a non-profit organization, is the only independent, third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the U.S. It allows American companies to display the Fair Trade Certified label on products that meet strict Fair Trade standards.

Coffee is not the only product that can carry the Fair Trade label. Tea, herbs, cocoa, chocolate, fresh fruit, sugar, rice, and vanilla can also be certified.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters offers Fair Trade certified coffee in whole bean, infusion, manual drip, auto drip, espresso, Turkish and K-Cups. On its website, Green Mountain assures customers that choosing Fair Trade Certified Coffee improve the quality of life in coffee communities around the world while getting a great cup of coffee.



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