Coffee Gifts For Any Budget

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What Coffee Gift Can I Afford On my Budget?

Coffee Gifts For Any Budget

Whether you have a $25 limit for your gourmet coffee gift, or price is no option, there are many options. No coffee gift would be complete without coffee, from there, there are no limits.

For $25, you can package a 12-ounce bag of gourmet coffee and a set of two cappuccino glasses, espresso glasses or a tin of tasty cookies.

For the same price, you can give a gift including a K-Cup coffee in a box of 25 servings and a coffee bean bookmark or a cool coffee scoop.

If you want to spend $25-50:

Pick up a sampler of coffees and pair it with: a tin of cookies, a jar of toffee and a coffee mug, a set of ornaments made in Rwanda, or a travel coffee press.

Feel free to substitute a 12-month coffee club for the sampler.

To spend $50-75:

For the music playing coffee drinking or the coffee drinking musician, pair a coffee sampler with African hand drums.

Pair a coffee press with a 12-ounce bag of a favorite coffee or a package of K-Cup coffee.

For this price range, you will find several coffee gift baskets or pair a coffee basket with a dessert.

To spend $75-100:

A set of African beaded bowls and a coffee sampler.

Pick up a sampler of coffees, a tin of cookies, a set of cappuccino glasses and a coffee press.

For more than $100, you can pair a coffee press or other type of coffee maker with glasses and coffees.



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