Commercial Coffee Grinders

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Why Are There Two Types Of Commercial Grinders?

Commercial Coffee Grinders

One pound of coffee is the maximum for most large personal coffee grinders, but that is the low end for commercial coffee grinders.

Commercial grinders are great for coffee houses, supermarkets and other places must handle a lots of coffee beans daily. A commercial grinder is a bit excessive for most home users.

There are many companies that make commercial grinders and one of the better know is BUNN.

Within the commercial grinder categories there are two main types of grinders: bulk and portion control.

The bulk grinders can hold between 1-3 pounds. They are designed to help sell more for specialty coffee stores and retail coffee sales. On BUNN model can grind a pound of bean in under 30 seconds.

Portion control grinders hold 3-9 pounds. The have a doser hopper, where beans remain, allowing customers choose the right portion of beans. The Rancilio commercial grinders are designed to handle about 6.5 pounds of beans per hour.

The beauty of a commercial grinder is that it can handle a lot of beans and grind them to cut the bean rather than pulverize it to keep the flavor and produce grinds of the right size for a customer's brewing needs. Commercial grinders are also designed to clean much faster than residential models. Of course, all that extra power comes at an extra price.



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