Pause Feature Means You Can Have A Cup When You Are Ready

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How Can I End Messy Spills When I Want A Cup During Brewing?

Pause Feature Means You Can Have A Cup When You Are Ready

New home coffee makers cannot actually wake you up, but they can do just about everything else to get you ready. They can grind your coffee beans and have your coffee ready on demand.

One of the best features in newer home coffee makers is the function that allows you to interrupt the brewing to grab a cup of coffee and then let it resume once you have a cup filled with your morning coffee.

Before this feature, many of us have had the messy experience of grabbing a cup while the pot was brewing, either because we couldn't wait for cup and thought a paper towel could soak up what came out while we were grabbing the cup, or because we misjudged when brewing was complete. Now, we don't have to do either.

Many of the major brands have their own take on the feature. Black and Decker coffee makers have a Sneak-A-Cup® interrupt feature, Braun coffee makers have the drip-stop/pause and serve feature, Cuisinart coffee makers have coffee-on-demand-one-cup, KitchenAid coffee makers have pause and pour and Krups coffee makers have a pause and brew feature.



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