New Initiatives In Coffee Makers And Equipment

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What New Features Do Coffee Machines Offer?

New Initiatives In Coffee Makers And Equipment

So, how many times have you left the house and wondered if you left on the iron or the coffee maker?

Several popular producers of coffee makers have added an automatic off feature to their machines, giving their customers one less thing to about which to worry. Whether you turned the machine off before leaving the house may concern you no more.

Some Black & Decker coffee makers have an automatic shutoff that activates after two hours. Braun coffee maker, at least some models, also come with auto shutoff.

Cuisinart coffee makers come with adjustable auto shutoff, which allows you to program the machine to shutoff in minutes up to four hours.

KitchenAid coffee makers automatically shut off two hours after brewing your coffee.

Krups coffee makers have a programmable off feature that allow you to choose the amount of time you want the burner to remain in heating mode. If you have a machine that uses a glass carafe, you can set the machine to turn off in one hour or four hours. For thermal machines, it can turn off in 20 minutes, because the thermal pot will keep your coffee warm.

This feature, regardless of what it is called, should give you some piece of mind as you start your day and give you one less thing about which to worry.

However, if you are a Keurig brewing system owner, you don't have to look for this feature. The one-cup machine by a Keurig automatically shuts off because there is no burner.



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