Tips For Choosing Your Home Coffee Maker

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How Do I Choose A Home Coffee Maker?

Tips For Choosing Your Home Coffee Maker

Choosing a home coffee maker can be confusing if you don't narrow your choices down. Here are some tips to choosing your home coffee maker:

  • How much coffee do you drink? If you are a one-cup coffee drinker, consider one-cup brewing systems. They make one cup of coffee and you can program the size of that cup. This is also some thing to consider if you there are several coffee drinkers in your household who all like different coffee. If you drink multiple cups or you are one of several coffee drinkers in your household, you might want a coffee maker that brews multiple cups.
  • Do you drink while bean coffee or grounds? If you are a whole bean drinker, there are models that will grind your beans and brew them fresh. Do you want a glass carafe or one that is thermal? Glass you can see through and stays warm by sitting on the burner. You cannot see through thermal carafes, but they keep the coffee warm for hours without need of heat from a burner.



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