Replacing An Old Coffee Pot

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Replacing An Old Coffee Pot

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Tip: If you're tired of dealing with the typical coffee maker and coffee pot, why not try a single-cup coffee machine? They are as good as having a coffee shop in your home, because single-cup servings come in more flavors than you will find at many shops. If one family member loves the rich taste and medium acidity of breakfast blend, another likes a hearty dark roast and another craves the aromatic appeal of baked gingerbread, there is no need to battle for the coffee pot. Single pot bags of coffee have improved the taste of homemade coffee because there is no fight over whether to make coffee strong or weak. Stock your kitchen cabinets with traditional favorites and festive seasonal flavors by ordering K-Cups from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. With single-cup brewing systems, everyone can have his or her favorite flavor or blend and a fresh cup of brewed coffee.



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