Single Cup Gives Decaf Drinker More Options

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Single Cup Gives Decaf Drinker More Options

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Tip: In offices without one-cup coffee makers, busy assistants either have to remember to start a fresh pot to be finished in time for the client's arrival, take chances on a pot that is brewed and sitting on the burner, or take a coffee order and then wait by the pot until it is finished brewing, then bring it to whoever the boss is trying to impress. In that time, there are few other things that could have been checked off the to-do list. With machines such as the Kuerig coffee maker, coffee is made straight from a single-serving container. That packet, a K-Cup for Kuerig coffee makers, is placed into a drawer. You push a button and the coffee cup fills almost instantly. Impress your clients in less time with Keurig coffee makers and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters K-Cups. The single-cup brewing system makes good coffee quickly and provides the client with a choice of brews and flavors.



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