Give Up The Coffee Compromise: Keep it Clean

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Give Up The Coffee Compromise: Keep it Clean

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Tip: Do you ever forget to remove the filter of wet coffee grinds from your coffee pot? You are probably familiar with the moldy results that are neither pretty nor hygienic. In fact, they are down right nasty. Good news: the growing trend of one-cup coffee makers means that many people no longer have to think about the filter and the grounds because there are none. Instead of filters, the single-cup coffee makers take individual packets of coffee. Operating a single-serve coffee maker is easy and the daily cleanup is minimal. There is also a reduced risk of spills because the machines have a setting for the size of the cup of coffee. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters sells Keurig coffee makers along with k cup coffee in varous different roasts, blends and flavors. Choose from Green Mountain coffees, Newman's Own varieties and more at the company's website. To make things even more user-friendly, some systems can be attached to the plumbing so you won't even need to fill the reservoir.



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