Get The Coffee House Experience In Your Own Home

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Get The Coffee House Experience In Your Own Home

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Tip: Ah, holiday season and all of those family get-togethers. Do you feel like you are spending more time serving your guests than enjoying time with them? When dessert time comes, you end up in the kitchen were you make at least two pots of coffee - a regular pot and another of decaf - to accommodate everyone's tastes. Instead of making pot after pot of coffee while everyone else is enjoying dessert and laughing, you could be enjoying your guests. With a single serve coffee maker, your guests can get their own coffee whenever they want it and it whatever flavor they want. Choose from festive flavors like vanilla, blueberry, or more to suit the mood. As the holidays approach, you also will know exactly how much coffee you have. With grounds, you might wind up with a partial scoop at the bottom of the can. With single-serving K-Cups for one-cup coffee makers, you know exactly how many cups you can make.
For your next family celebration, pick up some seasonal flavors to offer along with traditional favors and see if there might be a new favorite seasonal flavor for your family.



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