Single Cup, Big Bucks?

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Single Cup, Big Bucks?

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Tip: Commercial coffee makers that serve one cup are a growing trend and popping up in a lot of places, including the office, making "K-Cups" an everyday word. The beauty of K-Cups is that no pot will be too weak or too strong because an employee of the supermarket or coffee bar put too many or too few coffee grinds in the filter. With single- cup coffee, coffee does not sit out too long before getting to a customer. Each cup is made for the individual buying it. One-cup machines also remove concern about temperature or burnt coffee being sold because there is no coffee pot sitting on the burner. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters offers most of its seasonal and specialty flavors in K-Cups. The company also offers samplers, organic and fair trade coffee, decaf and flavored coffee in single-servings.



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