Coffee That's Fair Economically And Environmentally

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Coffee That's Fair Economically And Environmentally

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Tip: Organic fair trade coffee combines the assurance that the coffee you are drinking was produced in a way that works with the environment rather than hurt it with the fair trade assurance that the farmer received fair wages to provide a better quality of life for farm workers and invest in the farm to compete in a global industry. So, why should it matter to you when you are buying Fair Trade Organic coffee? Because the certification means the coffee you bought is of high quality. And you can feel good about the social and environmental consequences of the products you purchase because some of the money goes back into the community to improve life for the people who live there. It also helps preserve the land so farmers can continue to produce the berries that make the coffee you love.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters also offers more than 15 varieties of Fair Trade Organic coffees as well as a 12-month tour coffee sampler. You can also enjoy single-cup Fair Trade Organic coffees with the kcup. Sales of the National Wildlife Foundation Fair Trade Organic Coffee help provide a habitat for songbirds and other wildlife.



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