The Organic Coffee Process

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The Organic Coffee Process

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Tip: Organic coffee has become popular in the United States over the last few years. In the U.S., $80 million in organic coffee was sold in 2005, up 40.4% from 2004. In the month of November, U.S. organic coffee drinkers bought 54% more coffee in 2005 than in the same month in 2004, while non-organic only increased by 8.5%. You can now get organic coffee products other than the normal decaffeinated, caffeinated, flavored and instant coffee. The organic market has expanded to coffee ice cream, coffee soda, coffee-flavored candy, and chocolate covered coffee beans. You may have your own specific reason for choosing organic coffee. It might be that it is grown without damaging chemicals and pesticides. It could be because organic coffee is grown on small, family-owned farms that are shaded and inhabited by song birds to ward off bugs and pests. Coffee-drinkers should also consider the Fair Trade certification of the company they purchase from. Many organic coffee manufacturers guarantee their participation in the Fair Trade Act on behalf of farmers. This act guarantees farmers a fair price for each bag of coffee beans sold, which allows them to continue growing better quality organic coffee for the consumer.



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