Know Your Grinder Parts

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Know Your Grinder Parts

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Tip: There are a multitude of coffee grinders on the market but only two main types: blade grinders and burr grinders.
If this is your first grinder, you might be tempted to choose a blade grinder. They typically sell for the affordable price of about $20. The blade spins quickly to grind the coffee beans. The size of the grounds is determined by the amount of time the grinder runs.
This type of grinder will probably be fine for many home uses, but it is the messier of the two types and grinds the beans unevenly. To get finer grinds, you have to grind a little longer.

However, blade grinders remain popular and companies such as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters have improved models to generate less heat and keep more flavor in the grounds.

Burr grinders cost a bit more - about $60-$150. However, they grind evenly, and are cleaner. Burr grinders work by taking beans from the hopper, feeding them into the burrs and then depositing them into a receptacle. To keep a burr grinder in optimal condition, the home user should clean the burrs.
These higher-end grinders give you more control over grinding your beans by offering settings that range from very coarse to extra fine.



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