New Initiatives In Coffee Makers And Equipment

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New Initiatives In Coffee Makers And Equipment

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Tip: Coffee equipment does not end with the coffee maker and the coffee pot. There are other pieces to the coffee equipment puzzle.
Don't forget the coffee filter for your Keurig brewing system. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters recommends SwissGold filters and uses them in the coffee company's corporate office. SwissGold is a permanent filter, so it does not need to be thrown away. If you prefer to use the basket that comes with the coffee maker, you will need regular basket filters that match the basket size. How do you measure your coffee? A coffee scoop will give you just the right serving of grinds for the filter. Go for a long handle scoop to get right down to the bottom of your supply of beans or grounds. If you want to bring your coffee to your guests and not make a bunch of trips to the kitchen, consider a carafe. Some new models are stainless steel and come without the glass liner, so they will not break. If you like the foamy milk that comes with a cappuccino and espresso machine but don't want to upgrade your current maker, check out a frother such as the Bodum Frother. Dip the whip end into your milk, push the button and add the milk to your coffee.



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