Criteria for Selecting a Single Serve Coffee Brewer

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How do I choose a single serve coffee brewer?

Criteria for Selecting a Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Single serve coffee brewers are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. A few years back, there were only two or three brands from which to choose. However, as patents on the various technologies expired and as the market for single serve coffee machines expanded, many more companies entered am continue to enter the market.

The biggest issue most critics have always had with single serve coffee brewers is that the choice of machine limits your choice of coffee. Typically, each brand of machine uses a specific type of coffee pod, capsule or cup that does not fit into coffee brewers made by other manufacturers. Some brewers use the standardized ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pod system, but many others use a plastic cup or disc that only fits into their own machines. Because of this, consumers should consider the coffee selection available when choosing a single serve coffee system.

When choosing a single serve coffee brewer, consider these criteria:

1. Does the brewer use a proprietary capsule or does it use a standardized system, such as ESE pods or Caffitaly coffee capsules?

2. Is there a good selection of coffee and drink varieties available for the brewing system?

3. Are the coffee capsules easily available or can you only purchase them from the company?

4. How much does the coffee cost per cup for the coffee brewing system you're considering?

5. Can you get a reusable coffee capsule for the system you're considering?

Single serve coffee brewers have become far more sophisticated in the past few years. They're convenient, easy to use and let you stock an entire coffee shop in your kitchen cabinet. Choosing the right machine will make a big difference in how pleased you are with your purchase.



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