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How long can I keep my coffee beans?

How long coffee beans keep their flavor

After roasting, beans almost immediately begin to lose their flavor. The aromatic oils that come to the surface start to evaporate. That's why fresh roasted coffee must be bagged almost immediately. If roasted beans are left where air can get to them, they quickly start the lose flavor. (You think those supermarket bins are air-tight? I don't think so!)

If I buy wholesale quantities, can I keep the coffee fresh?

What if I want to buy wholesale quantities?

You'll sometimes find that you can get a much better price on coffee if you buy several bags at a time. You can even buy by the case and maybe split the bags between yourself and your neighbors or colleagues. So long as you only open one bag at a time and keep the unopened bags in the freezer, the coffee will stay fresh for months.

Should I keep my coffee in the freezer?

Keep unopened bags in the freezer

Keep your unopened bags of beans in the freezer. It's dry and cold in there. The perfect spot. Once the bag is opened, seal it securely each time you take out some beans for grinding. Then keep the bag in a dry, cool place (but not the fridge, it's too damp in there!).

Does the packaging make a difference to freshness?

Check for quality bags

Remember oxygen and dampness are the enemies of flavor. That's why quality bags have a one-way valve. This means the beans can 'gas off', but oxygen cannot get back into the bag. Look for these small valves. It's a sign of freshness and quality.

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