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How Will Coffee Improve My Hotel Stay?

Have Coffee, Will Travel

When it comes to coffee, most people are looking for the best coffee they can get as fast as possible, so it is no surprise that people would embrace coffee solutions that provide coffee in less time with the same quality you'd get in a coffee shop.

Single-serve coffee makers make a quality cup of coffee quickly. In about 60 seconds you can have a hot cup of just about any kind of coffee you drink. Because this type of machine works so quickly, there is no need to set a timer so that your cup of coffee is ready for you when you wake up in the morning.

There is also no need to grind beans because the single-serving cups are all you need to make the coffee.

Because the one-cup coffee maker has neither a pot nor a burner, you don't have to worry about leaving the burner on after you leave the house for work or to go shopping for the day. There is also no mess to clean up because there is no basket - no filter filled with coffee grounds to empty out each day.

Unlike coffee bags, which are like tea bags filled with coffee, single-serving coffee gives the same great taste of brewed coffee because it is brewed coffee.

Do You Compromise On Coffee Preference To Share The Pot?

Give Up The Coffee Compromise: Keep it Clean

Do you start every morning with a breakfast blend when you'd prefer a cup of caramel vanilla because you and the other members of your household compromised on one flavor you could all agree on? Compromised pots of coffee are a part of the past for many families and in many offices since one-cup coffee makers started to become popular. All servings are individual and there are no pots, so every coffee drinker can have the cup of coffee he or she wants. They are ideal for the person who only wants one cup of coffee or the person who wants a couple of cups of different blends and flavors.

They also work well in households in which people operate on different schedules. One person likes coffee at 5 a.m. and another waits until 7:30 a.m.? The late coffee drinker is not stuck with drinking coffee that has been sitting there for two and a half hours or making a whole new pot. Each cup is made when you want it!

How Can I Get The Coffee House Experience At Home?

Get The Coffee House Experience In Your Own Home

A pumpkin latte tastes great on a cold winter day, but wouldn't it taste better if it weren't $3 a cup? Thank goodness for flavored coffee and cappuccino machines! Even better, one-cup coffee makers are bringing the coffee house experience into the home by providing a way to make one cup at a time quickly. You can save dollars by making your pumpkin latte at home and putting it in a travel mug to bring with you to work or for a road trip.

Single-serve coffee makers allow the owner of a single-serving coffee maker to purchase several roasts, blends and flavors and treat themselves to different coffees – it's sort of like having a coffee bar menu in your kitchen. For the full coffee bar experience, pick up some biscotti, a couple of syrups and some flavored cream. Add a scented candle to your kitchen and you have everything at home that you can get in a coffee shop for a fraction of the price.

You also won't have to wait in line and learn a new language to order what you want.

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