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Turn The Office Coffee Machine Into A Single Cup Coffee Shop

If you work second shift, you never know how long coffee has been sitting there when you go to get a cup from the office coffee machine. Instead of a tasty flavor boost, you might get a mouthful of old coffee. If the pot wasn't cleaned well, your cup might have some burnt flavor.

When everyone drinks from communal office coffee machine, the choice of flavor is often limited to regular and decaf and it is not unusual to find an empty or near empty pot when you are looking for a refill. Consider investing in single cup coffee machines the distribute the coffee directly into the employee's mug, so there is no day-old coffee or burnt coffee pots to contend with.

The taste of coffee from office coffee machines has become more consistent, but that doesn't remove the desire for employees to run out to a coffee shop during a coffee break to order a steaming hot cup in whatever flavor coffee they want.

How Can Coffee Make My Company More Socially Responsible?

Corporate Social Responsibility Includes the Office Coffee System

Has your office been working toward being more socially responsible and environmentally friendly through business practices and choice of office supplies? The sense of socially responsibility can easily extend into your coffee order and choice of office coffee maker.

With a single-serving coffee maker, you no longer use paper filters so you can reduce your paper waste a little more. There is no pot of coffee, so you will not be throwing away water used to brew coffee no one drank.

And the single-cup brewing containers come in many roasts and flavors, including a couple of lines of Fair Trade and organic coffees. Fair Trade coffees help foster sustainable development in coffee growing communities, while organic coffees are made in tune with the environment.

Those lines include many of the flavors popular in an office setting, so your employees with only notice a difference when they read the package. By moving to a one-cup coffee maker, your socially responsible business can become even more socially responsible, one cup at a time.

Is There A Better Coffee Option For Decaf Drinkers?

Single Cup Gives Decaf Drinker More Options

It's time for a late morning cup of coffee, you are ready to switch to decaf and you find one of the three pots on the office coffee machine is decaf. You pour yourself a cup, sip and enjoy the flavor, hopefully without the kick.

How do you know that the coffee in the pot is actually decaf? You trust your coworkers to use the right pot, but what if the decaf pot was the only one left when they made a pot of hazelnut?

As more and more offices replace office coffee machines with one-cup brewing machines or add one-cup coffee machines to the machines that exist, any caf, decaf question is removed. Keurig coffee makers use single-serving pods called K-Cups to make coffee. Each K-Cup is individually marked so that you know what you are getting when you place it in the machine.

If there are not many decaf coffee drinkers in your office, you might get stuck with one flavor option. Single-cup brewing benefits decaf drinkers is many ways. They make a fresh cup of coffee every time.

How Can I Gut Back On Coffee Supplies Without Cheating Employees?

Spend Less On Office Coffee Supplies With Single Cup Brewing

Does your company waste precious space by storing bulky boxes of coffee bags, boxes of coffee filters and several coffee pots?

Companies can cut back on the number of office coffee supplies and gain back some space by replacing the existing coffee maker with a single-cup coffee maker. They can also cut back on coffee supply costs by cutting out some of the coffee-related products they now buy. With a one-cup machine there is no longer a need to for filters, bags of coffee or coffee pots.

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