Single Cup Gives Decaf Drinker More Options

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Is There A Better Coffee Option For Decaf Drinkers?

Single Cup Gives Decaf Drinker More Options

It's time for a late morning cup of coffee, you are ready to switch to decaf and you find one of the three pots on the office coffee machine is decaf. You pour yourself a cup, sip and enjoy the flavor, hopefully without the kick.

How do you know that the coffee in the pot is actually decaf? You trust your coworkers to use the right pot, but what if the decaf pot was the only one left when they made a pot of hazelnut?

As more and more offices replace office coffee machines with one-cup brewing machines or add one-cup coffee machines to the machines that exist, any caf, decaf question is removed. Keurig coffee makers use single-serving pods called K-Cups to make coffee. Each K-Cup is individually marked so that you know what you are getting when you place it in the machine.

If there are not many decaf coffee drinkers in your office, you might get stuck with one flavor option. Single-cup brewing benefits decaf drinkers is many ways. They make a fresh cup of coffee every time.



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