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When slogan is Maxwell House famous for?

Good to the last drop?

If you love gourmet coffee, you probably don't drink the instant variety. But you probably recognize this advertising slogan for Maxwell House. Do you know when this line first appeared in a Maxwell House advertisement? 1921.

What is the origin of coffee substitutes?

Coffee substitutes are not a modern invention

Ours isn't the first generation to be concerned over its health. Nor the first to wonder whether too much coffee might be bad for us. In 1895 Charles Post first manufactured 'Postum', a grain-based substitute for coffee. Here is one of the claims he made at that time, "Remember, you can recover from any ordinary disease by discontinuing coffee and poor food, and using Postum Food Coffee."

Who first used coffee to make a drink?

Who discovered coffee?

Legend has it that the stimulating effects of coffee were first discovered by an Abyssinian goatherd by the name of Kaldi. One day his goats were browsing on coffee berries and started bouncing around off rocks and displaying all the symptoms we're familiar with after one too many coffees. He took some berries back to the village where they were boiled to make a drink. Hey presto - those who drank it found themselves feeling alert and able to stay awake longer.

What does the church say about coffee?

Is coffee a Christian drink?

In 1615 Pope Clement VIII was warned that coffee was a tool of the Devil and threatened the 'sobriety' of his priests and the aims of the church. But before going so far as to ban this new beverage, he first decided to taste it for himself. He was so enamored with the taste and aroma, he changed his mind and 'baptized' it.

What does the term "gourmet" mean for coffee beans?

Gourmet Coffee Beans

The term "gourmet" as an adjective refers to excellent quality. Gourmet coffee beans are of being superior quality than the average coffee bean.

There are 100 coffee-growing regions across the globe. Each region produces a unique coffee bean. Gourmet coffee is often a blend of coffee beans from different regions. This produces a balance in flavor.

Proper roasting is also an important factor. The roasting process helps to develop the coffee's aroma and flavor.

Has coffee been the cause of controversy?

Coffee and controversy - from a long time ago

Coffee has always been surrounded by controversy. Here is a part of the text from a 'Women's Petition Against Coffee", published in 1674.

"[Why do our men] trifle away their time, scald their Chops, and spend their Money, all for a little base, black, thick, nasty bitter stinking, nauseous Puddle water?"

Where does Mocha coffee come from?

Where Does Mocha Coffee Come From?

Does it have something to do with chocolate? No. Mocha coffee takes its name from the Yemeni port city called Mocha. The first coffee was exported through this port over four hundred years ago.

If you have never tried a Mocha Java Dark Roasted coffee, it's worth a try. Truly delicious.

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