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What Can I Put In A Coffee Basket Other Than Food?

Beyond The Bean Baskets: Coffee Clubs And More

Do you want a coffee gift basket that goes beyond coffee but you don't want to add mixes or chocolate? There are so many other gifts and accessories that you will have no trouble coming up with ideas for a coffee basket.

  • Start with whole beans, grounds, or K-Cup coffee and then let your imagination take over.
  • Know the gift recipient's music taste? Pick up a CD with soothing music that will ease him or her into the day.
  • How about a coffee basket with coffee-related accessories? Pick up a cool coffee scoop, a cocoa/sugar shaker to add a treat to a cappuccino or hot chocolate, or a milk thermometer.
  • Think your loved one might love grinding whole beans? Coffee grinders come in many sizes and price ranges.
  • Coffee mugs or glasses would also go well in your beyond the bean basket.
  • If the gift is for someone on the move? How about a travel coffee press? He or she will never have to be without a fresh pot as long as there is access to hot water.
  • For the gift that keeps on giving, consider a coffee club that will being more coffee to the door.

What Coffee Gift Can I Afford On my Budget?

Coffee Gifts For Any Budget

Whether you have a $25 limit for your gourmet coffee gift, or price is no option, there are many options. No coffee gift would be complete without coffee, from there, there are no limits.

For $25, you can package a 12-ounce bag of gourmet coffee and a set of two cappuccino glasses, espresso glasses or a tin of tasty cookies.

For the same price, you can give a gift including a K-Cup coffee in a box of 25 servings and a coffee bean bookmark or a cool coffee scoop.

If you want to spend $25-50:

Pick up a sampler of coffees and pair it with: a tin of cookies, a jar of toffee and a coffee mug, a set of ornaments made in Rwanda, or a travel coffee press.

Feel free to substitute a 12-month coffee club for the sampler.

To spend $50-75:

For the music playing coffee drinking or the coffee drinking musician, pair a coffee sampler with African hand drums.

Pair a coffee press with a 12-ounce bag of a favorite coffee or a package of K-Cup coffee.

For this price range, you will find several coffee gift baskets or pair a coffee basket with a dessert.

To spend $75-100:

A set of African beaded bowls and a coffee sampler.

Pick up a sampler of coffees, a tin of cookies, a set of cappuccino glasses and a coffee press.

For more than $100, you can pair a coffee press or other type of coffee maker with glasses and coffees.

How Can My Gift Help The Environment?

Socially Responsible Coffee Gift Basket

Your gift can delight your loved one and also support coffee farms and coffee-growing regions by choosing organic and fair trade products for your coffee basket. Fair trade is about fair price for farmers, fair labor conditions for farm workers, community development in coffee growing nations and environmental sustainability. Start with organic or fair-trade beans, grounds or K-Cup coffees. To ensure that your coffee gift baskets meet these standards, look for a label indicating that it is certified.

Check out the Fair Trade Certified website for Fair Trade coffees, teas, chocolates, fresh fruit, body products and more. To find out what companies in your state offer organic products, visit the Organic Consumers Association website.

Is There A Breakfast Lover On Your Gift List?

Do It Yourself Breakfast Coffee Gift Baskets

If your relative or friend is a morning person who loves breakfast, a breakfast coffee gift basket is a great idea. If so, you will probably want a breakfast blend or other coffee that the person would want to drink at breakfast. Know if the gift recipient prefers whole beans, ground beans or K-Cup coffee.

Next, hit the supermarket, gourmet food store or Internet to fill the basket. You can choose a mix for pancakes, scones or waffles - if the person has a waffle maker. How about some gourmet maple syrup? Good maple syrup makes a plate of pancakes or waffles even better.

If you want a socially responsible gift, choose organic coffee and an organic foods store or section.

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