Coffee Frequently Asked Questions

Where is coffee grown?

What is ´green´ coffee?

What are shade grown and bird-friendly coffees?

What is ´Arabica´ coffee?

Why should I buy whole bean coffee?

Why should I buy whole beans?

How do I know what I´m buying?

Does the country of origin make a difference to the taste of coffee?

Can I buy my coffee beans from a particular farm or estate?

Should I buy my coffee beans from self-serve bins in supermarkets?

Can I find good coffee beans in my local supermarket?

Where can I taste all these different coffees?

Where can I buy coffee beans at a good price?

Do you like your coffee mild or strong?

What´s the difference between coffees from different countries?

What does ´dark roast´ mean?

Can I buy decaffeinated whole bean coffee?

How long can I keep my coffee beans?

Does the packaging make a difference to freshness?

Should I keep my coffee in the freezer?

If I buy wholesale quantities, can I keep the coffee fresh?

How do I grind and brew my coffee beans?

Should I buy a blade coffee grinder?

What are the different types of coffee makers?

Does a ´French Press´ make good coffee?

How much water should I add to my coffee?

How fine should I grind the coffee beans?

Does the water make a difference to the taste of coffee?

Does the type of filter I use make any difference?

Does it matter how long I let the coffee brew?

Can I use coffee in my recipes?

Do you have any cappucino recipes?

Who first used coffee to make a drink?

What does the church say about coffee?

Has coffee been the cause of controversy?

Where does Mocha coffee come from?

What is the origin of coffee substitutes?

When slogan is Maxwell House famous for?

What does ´Espresso´ mean?

What is Cappuccino?

What is Caffe Latte?

What is Caffe Mocha?

What is Caffe Americano?

Should I buy flavored coffee beans? Or use flavored syrups?

What do I do if my coffee tastes too weak?

Where can I find coffee with that ´Diner´ style taste?

Does decaffeinated coffee taste as good?

How can I make a Mocha Java shake?

How do I make Boule de Neige?

How do I make fudge brownies?

Smoothie recipes - how do I make them?

What is the wholesale price of coffee beans?

What is gourmet coffee?

What does the term "gourmet" mean for coffee beans?

What fruit does coffee beans come from?

How do you make cappuccino?

What is the coffee type normally used to make cappuccino, i.e. robusta or arabica?

Does espresso have more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee?

How do you make steamed milk?

Are a café au lait and a café con leche the same thing?

What should I look for to choose roasted coffee?

What Does The Season Bring

How Is Coffee Flavored?

Is Flavoring Coffee New?

Can coffee reduce chances of diabetes?

Should pregnant women drink coffee?

Can coffee protect against disease?

Can coffee help my workout?

Can I be addicted to coffee?

How Do I Choose My Coffee Equipment?

Looking For A Cappuccino Maker?

Yearning For An Urn?

What Should I Know About New Coffee Pots?

I Have The Maker, What Else Do I Need?

How Do I Press A Great Cup Of Coffee?

How Can I Gut Back On Coffee Supplies Without Cheating Employees?

Is There A Better Coffee Option For Decaf Drinkers?

How Can Coffee Make My Company More Socially Responsible?

Do You Compromise On Coffee Preference To Share The Pot?

How Can I Get The Coffee House Experience At Home?

How Will Coffee Improve My Hotel Stay?

How Can Coffee Be Fresh All Day?

Is Single-Cup Catching On?

How Will My Customers Deal With No Full Coffee Bar?

Who Makes Single Cup Machines?

How Do I Make Espresso?

What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

Why Should I Look For Organic, Fair Trade Labels?

How Did Fair Trade Coffee Begin?

What Is The Coffee Crisis?

What do rain forests have to do with coffee?

Is There A Breakfast Lover On Your Gift List?

How Can My Gift Help The Environment?

What Coffee Gift Can I Afford On my Budget?

What Can I Put In A Coffee Basket Other Than Food?

How Is the Caffeine Removed?

How Much Caffeine Is In Decaf Coffee?

What Is Swiss Water Decaffeination?

What Adds Caffeine To Decaf?

How Can I Be Sure My Coffee Is Decaf?

Is There Decaf Espresso?

How Do I Know What Grind Is Best?

Can I Still Find Manual Coffee Grinders?

What Do The Parts Of The Grinder Do?

What Price Can Antique Grinders Command?

Why Are There Two Types Of Commercial Grinders?

How Can I End Messy Spills When I Want A Cup During Brewing?

What New Features Do Coffee Machines Offer?

How Do I Choose A Home Coffee Maker?

What Is Descaling?

What Is Gourmet Coffee?

Can I Get Gourmet Coffee In Individual Packages?

How Can I Turn My Gourmet Concotion?

How Popular Is Gourmet Coffee?

How Can I Make A Gift Of Gourmet Coffee?

Do You Love Espresso?

What do you do when you and your partner like two different strengths of coffee?

What kind of air popper can I use to roast coffee at home?

How do I choose a single serve coffee brewer?

What do I need to roast green coffee beans at home?

Is there caffeine in decaf coffee?

How do you make coffee without a percolator or Keurig?

Recent Coffee Questions

Q. Can you please tell me the preferred method for storing coffee, either beans to be ground or ready-ground coffee?
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Q. If not stored in the freezer, how long will ground coffee last, if it has never been opened and is in its original container?
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Q. whats the approximate percentage amount or measurement of caffeine in decaffeinated coffee?
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Q. I have a Cuisinart Grind and Brew that takes whole coffee beans and grinds them right into the filter for coffee. What is the ratio of coffee BEANS to water for a great cup of coffee?
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Q. what are the two flavours that make up MOCHA?
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Q. where did cappuccino first originate?
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Q. Is the coffee bean a fruit or a vegetable or what? I am on a diet and want to know if it can fit into a fruit or vegetable day.
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Q. whats the difference between coffee beans that are oily and beans that are dry?
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Q. I have read differing opinions . . .

Should a coffee pot be washed with or without soap?
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Q. how can i clean tea & coffee stains from carpet.
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Q. Do you recommend a specific type of brewer? I have a Bunn that I`ve had over 7 years that has the automatic heated water chamber (no wait brewing time). Should I replace it? I haven`t been happy with my coffee but am not sure if it`s because of the bean grind or the coffee maker.
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Q. I am planning on hosting a large coffee party and was wondering how many cups of coffee I could get from a pound of whole beans? Also, how much water will I need per pound? Thank you in advance for your answer.
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