Coffee Type for Cappuccino

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What is the coffee type normally used to make cappuccino, i.e. robusta or arabica?

Coffee Type for Cappuccino

A cappuccino is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 frothed milk.

Espresso doesn't refer to a type of coffee, but rather the brewing method used to make it. Any type of coffee bean can be used, and which type--arabica or robusta--depends on your location and coffee establishment. In Italy, for example, many espresso blends are based on dark-roasted robusta.

Espresso is made by forcing water through coffee grounds under pressure.

How to make one shot (30 ml) of espresso:
- Take seven grams of coffee.
- Force water at 90 degrees Celsius through the grounds at a pressure of nine bar (130 PSI) for 25 seconds.

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