Coffee…Not Just For Drinking Anymore

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Coffee…Not Just For Drinking Anymore

You can now use your organic coffee for more than just a great cup of brew in the morning. Gardeners have discovered a secret weapon against for the war against slugs and snails: coffee. You can use organic or regular coffee (not decaf) for this task, but organic will help keep toxins from getting into your garden soil and plants.

Slugs and snails hate caffeine. The United State Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service tested caffeine sprays on bugs and pests that infest potted plants. They discovered that 1-2% caffeine solution killed nearly all the slugs and snails within two days. That is less than in a cup of brewed coffee. Coffee grounds have already been used for this same reason, but an organic coffee liquid solution has become more effective and is less invasive to the soil or plants.



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