Replacing An Old Coffee Pot

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What Should I Know About New Coffee Pots?

Replacing An Old Coffee Pot

Hopefully, your coffee maker is here to stay for awhile, but who knows about the coffee pot?

If you leave the burner on with little or no coffee in the pot, the pot could crack. Even if there is no irreparable damage, coffee can burn to the bottom of the pot and ruin the flavor unless you can get the pot totally clean. Also, glass pots can break through regular use, in the dishwasher or for a variety of reasons.

When looking for a replacement pot, you'll first want to ensure that it fits your coffee maker. Choosing a model that does not rest well on the burner or that is mismatched with the brewer will cause problems when you make a pot. After ensuring that pot and brewer are compatible, you have some flexibility in your choice.

How did the handle of your old pot feel? If it was not comfortable, look for something molded more to your liking. Did the pot drip when you poured? Look at models that indicate drip-free spouts.

One you have your new equipment, the National Coffee Association offers some tips to keep the pot in top shape:

  • Make sure that your equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use by rinsing it with clear, hot water and drying it with an absorbent towel.
  • Check that no grounds have been left to collect on any part of the equipment and that there is no build-up of coffee oil. The residue can impart a bitter, rancid flavor to future cups of coffee.



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