Pressing Need For French Press

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How Do I Press A Great Cup Of Coffee?

Pressing Need For French Press

The classic, hand-pressed coffee maker is quiet, but is also pretty cool to use. It doesn't get more "hands on" than with a hand pressed coffee maker. There are many presses in a variety of sizes, looks and prices. For those concerned about shattering a glass press, Bodum makes the Eileen coffee maker – designed for busy cafes. It also has a stainless steel frame to protect the glass from bumps but still offers a glimpse of the freshly brewed coffee inside.

If you like to press on the go, companies including Nissan make portable thermal presses. For the ultimate in portable pressing, Bodum also offer to-go presses. Here are some additional tips:

First, spoon in the ground coffee, then pour water that just finished boiling. Set the lid in place and let the coffee steep for four minutes. When you, and the coffee, are ready, slowly press the coffee grounds to the bottom of the pot, pour the liquid into a mug and sip. This form of brewing offers more flavor because the mesh filter does not remove as many oils as paper.



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