Coffee That's Fair Economically And Environmentally

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Why Should I Look For Organic, Fair Trade Labels?

Coffee That's Fair Economically And Environmentally

The taste of socially responsible coffee is quite similar to the taste of other good coffee. The difference is how it affects the entire chain, from the farmer to the worker, to the beans, to your cup, or the cup of the person to whom you are giving the coffee.

When you buy Fair Trade coffee it helps the coffee farmer take care of himself or herself and you don't sacrifice flavor. Fair Trade coffee is not limited to a certain roast or blend. It can come in pumpkin spice, eggnog, breakfast blend, French roast and more. Espresso can also be Fair Trade.

Fair Trade might also mean better taste because the farmers can offer their farm workers fair wages and also allow them to go through the farms more thoroughly to find ripe berries. The quality of the berries matters because they will ultimately become your coffee.

To find out if you favorite coffee comes in Fair Trade, check out the website for Trans Fair U.S.A.



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