Espresso Comes In Decaf

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Is There Decaf Espresso?

Espresso Comes In Decaf

The process through which you get tiny demitasse cups full sweet, aromatic espresso with a golden layer of foam, or crema, on top have long been the domain of master coffee makers or baristas, but espresso beverages made from espresso have become mainstream.

Walk into a coffee shop, or even a donut shop, and you might find a menu of espresso coffee drinks.

So, what is espresso?

Roasters of espresso strive to maximize the sweetness and aroma of the coffee while minimizing the bitterness and acidity but espresso is defined by grind- it should be fine - and brewing method.

Brewing espresso requires tamping espresso, and placing it in a special compact cup, then forcing hot water through the tightly-packed grounds, bringing out in full force the characteristics of the coffee.

Next comes timing and it has to be just right to cut off the flow of coffee so that your espresso is not bitter.

If your old espresso memories remind you of your mother looking at you with that little cup and saying that you are likely never to sleep again, fear not. You can find espresso as decaffeinated coffee, so you can enjoy the taste and test your barista skills without being concerned about how much caffeine you are getting.



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