Gourmet In All Sizes

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Can I Get Gourmet Coffee In Individual Packages?

Gourmet In All Sizes

Gourmet comes in all sizes - small packages, from individual serving Kuerig gourmet K-Cups to larger packages, including 12-ounce bags from gourmet companies including Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Gourmet coffee can come in several roasts, including light roasted beans, which are bright and vibrant, with fruit notes. It comes in medium roasts and blends of light and darker roasts, which are deep, rich and full-bodied.

Dark roasted coffees are specially roasted for espresso, lattes and cappuccinos.

Contrary to popular belief, a strong tasting gourmet coffee does not have more caffeine than a regular cup. The caffeine does not actually add or detract from the taste.

It is recommended that gourmet coffees are ground just before brewing.

Gourmet single-cup coffee comes with a “best used by” date so that you get the best flavor from your coffee.

Specialty coffee does not have to be expensive. According to the Specialty Coffee Association, most estate grown coffee sells for $12 per pound, which gives you about 50 cups for 50 pound, or a cup for 24 cents per cup.



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