Making Coffee Decaf

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Making Coffee Decaf

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Tip: Decaffeinated coffee starts with the green coffee beans. The methods of removing caffeine can include heating, steaming, soaking or exposure to chemicals, according to a recent Los Angeles Times article. How do you know how much caffeine you are drinking? Federal regulations require beverage companies to list caffeine on product labels when it is added as an ingredient but there is no requirement to list the precise amount of caffeine present, according to the American Beverage Association. However, ABA member companies have provided caffeine content information through their corporate toll-free numbers and Web sites. Single-serve coffee, like Green Mountain Coffee Roasters K-Cups helps you keep your caffeine intake low by controlling the amount of coffee in your cup. There are many decaf K-Cups to choose from. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters also offers a variety of coffees that are "water process" decafs. This method of decaffeinated the coffee is chemical free and involves soaking the beans in water to remove the caffeine. The water is treated with a solvent, which never touches the beans, and is heated to remove both the caffeine and solvent. The water is then returned to the beans, which dry and reabsorb the flavors.



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