Drip brewers - not Percolators

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Drip brewers - not Percolators

Choose a good quality drip brewer. These are the units that drip water, at the right temperature, through the grounds, through the filter and into your jug or carafe. For a great drip brewer with an insulated carafe and a built-in coffee grinder, consider the Melitta Mill & Brew Coffee Brewer.

A percolator will not brew good tasting coffee. Firstly, the brewing time is far too long. Secondly, there is constant conflict of temperatures: the first blip of the percolator is cold by the time it reaches the grounds, which, in turn, are cold. After a few minutes, the grounds are super saturated with cool water, which starts dripping through the mesh into the cool water below, where temperatures are constantly changing. The whole percolator process is really quite awful, producing an over extracted foul tasting cup of coffee.



8/27/2006 6:03:53 PM
Radical said:

NOT !!!
If you want a real cup of coffee, drink coffee made from a real percolator. Everything else is like tea. And if you want to really rough it and enjoy life, go camping and make breakfast at the campfire and coffee in a plain pot, not a percolator.

2/17/2008 10:08:43 PM
Eric said:

Have you ever even brewed coffee in an electric percolator, or are you just repeating recycled third hand information that you heard from some other supposed coffee expert? Percolators do not boil the coffee; most brew at 200 degrees. And the process of passing the water through the grinds repeatedly is not much different that the process of letting the grounds steep freely in the water as happens in presspot brewing. Properly ground coffee brewed in a percolator is far superior to drip, and almost as rich as presspot brewed coffee. Why don't you actually try it before knocking it?


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