Don't Let Your Gourmet Coffee 'Stew'

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Does it matter how long I let the coffee brew?

Don't Let Your Gourmet Coffee 'Stew'

The worst way to brew gourmet coffee is to do it the way your parents and grandparents used to do it - by leaving it to boil and stew on the stove for hours on end. You want the coffee to brew for 4-6 minutes only and then either drink it right away or keep it in an insulated carafe. Keeping it hot over a hotplate may be convenient, but it really spoils the more subtle flavors of your coffee.

Two ways to avoid 'stewing' your coffee is to either use a French Press or use a coffee brewer that drips the coffee into an insulated carafe, like the Melitta Mill & Brew Coffee Brewer.



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