What is 'Flavored' Coffee?

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Should I buy flavored coffee beans? Or use flavored syrups?

What is 'Flavored' Coffee?

Some people love to have their coffee flavored - with vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon, almond and a number of other flavors. In fact, some people who don`t like` regular coffee, love flavored coffees. (And hard-core gourmet coffee fanatics would rather walk through fire than have their coffee `tainted` with some other taste!)

There are two ways to get your coffee this way. The first is to buy whole beans that have already been flavored. You just buy the beans and then grind and brew as usual. The added flavor is `in the bean`.

The other way is to buy regular gourmet beans, make the coffee and then flavor the finished brew with a syrup.

How you choose to prepare your flavored coffees depends on whether there are just one or two flavors you like, or whether you like to try a lot of different tastes. For one or two flavors, buy flavored beans. For a broader range of choices, buy regular beans and all the different syrups you want.

Here's is an excellent selection of flavored coffee beans.



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