What if your coffee tastes too weak?

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What do I do if my coffee tastes too weak?

What if your coffee tastes too weak?

If your coffee tastes a little on the weak side, here are the three commonest causes:

1. You didn't use enough coffee in the brew. Make sure you use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee beans for every 6 ounces of water.

2. The coffee was too coarsely ground. In other words, you're not leaving the beans in the coffee grinder for long enough.

3. The coffee wasn't brewed for long enough. (For example, if you are using a French Press, you didn't leave the coffee to brew for long enough before pushing down the plunger.)

If you are doing everything right, but still want a 'stronger' taste, you'll want to look at the origin of your coffee beans and the darkness of the roast. These don't, strictly speaking, relate to the 'strength' or 'weakness' of the brew. But they do impact the body, flavor and taste of the final cup.



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