Finding 'Diner' style coffee

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Where can I find coffee with that ´Diner´ style taste?

Finding 'Diner' style coffee

It may have happened to you. One particular diner or local coffee stop serves you a coffee and you love it. But you don't know where to find the right beans to so can brew it at home.

At we recently received a question from someone who had found the coffee he liked at one particular diner, and also had a question about 'Arabica' coffee beans.

Here is the answer we gave:

"Firstly, let me deal with Arabica coffees. There are two main species of the coffee tree...Arabica and Robusta. Coffee beans from Arabica trees are considered to be of a much higher quality than beans from Robusta trees. All of our coffees are Arabica beans of the highest quality.

Secondly, let's deal with your search for "that diner flavor" that you found in the Shop Rite Restaurant Style coffee. I am not familiar with the Shop Rite brand so I have no way of knowing what this coffee looks and tastes like. But I'm willing to bet it's a blend of coffees (all of which are from the Arabica tree). I'm also willing to wager the roast is medium, although without actually seeing the coffee this is only a guess.

Based on the above assumptions, I would recommend a couple of our coffees for you try: Ethiopian Sidamo (a truly wonderful tasting coffee and one of our top sellers) and our Breakfast Blend (very smooth and full bodied)."



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