Decaffeinated coffee - does it taste as good?

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Does decaffeinated coffee taste as good?

Decaffeinated coffee - does it taste as good?

The answer is, yes and no. : )

Here's the problem. The decaffeination process is achieved either with a solvent, or with charcoal - the Swiss Water process. Whichever process is used, it's not only the caffeine that is removed. You also lose some flavor.

Why? Because a coffee bean is a complex and delicate thing. In order to remove the caffeine, you have to be a little brutal with the bean. As a result, many of the subtleties of a bean's flavor are lost.

To get a flavorful cup of decaffeinated coffee, you need to start with a really superlative green bean. So even when some flavor is lost, there is sufficient remaining to reward your taste buds.

If you love coffee and want decaffeinated, be prepared to pay a little extra. The best green beans cost more. For everyone else, who wants to pay rock-bottom prices, don't be surprised if your decaf tastes bland and uninteresting.

For some quality decaf coffee beans, try here.



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